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Franchise is contracted trade between the two parties, in which the first party (donor franchise Franchisor) who has experience process, the rise in profits and rates of annual sales seconded trade name Brand name and work systems Franchise Package (and the promise of work, management and quality controls and designs place .. mechanisms etc., and provide the necessary training for these items), for the second party (winning franchise Franchisee), which comply with all the terms of donor right and agreeing to follow-up mechanism in exchange for the enjoyment of a trade name with a niche in the market and the possibility of starting a substance success with a capital investment is relatively limited, and work on competitive level as a result of global marketing programs and provide standard operating procedures and tested in advance. And it can franchise system also have access to the rights of the monopoly of working within a particular geographic area - in the case agreed upon with the donor the right franchise business - and not mention all the items relating to the system Franchise between the donor right franchise Franchisor and winning this right Franchisee in exchange for this agreement, which contained Franchise contracts for each contract, and includes the identification of the relationship between all parties (rights and duties), as well as the foundations of the financial relationship between the two and how to transfer the experience and knowledge
The use of well-known brand
Benefit from the success of the brand and repeat the story
Full job training and transfer of professional knowledge and experience ways
Technical support at any time of the franchiser
Join with the franchiser in the marketing system

To get the franchise must be met

The availability of a minimum of self contribute to the project capital structure
Choose (franchiser) and the approval of the (granted to him) the right of franchise
The company agreed on the location of the project and the applicant for the project.

Why cooperation with the Social Fund for Development?

Franchise Fund loan offers in order to provide appropriate funding for the project
The conclusion of a trade concession agreements between the Fund and development partners to ensure winning the rights to the franchise
Diversity portfolio Franchise projects
Fund technical assistance and consulting offers for those interested in gaining the right franchise

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