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5 Tips For Saving Money In Egypt

Today we talk about best 5 saving money tips in Egypt. Egypt is a very good tourist destination and the country is located in Africa with some part of it lying in Southwest Asia. People like to travel alone to Egypt or in a group with family and friends.

A trip to the country will be inexpensive for you in comparison to going to Europe and Western countries like the United States. The food and travel expenses in Egypt are less so a vacation in the place is quite affordable. Also, cheap accommodation is available in the country and tourists don’t have to spend too much money for a place to live.

Visitors can save money if they become prudent and spend wisely. Make a budget for your vacation and spend only on the necessities. Enjoy the trip and save money while you are in Egypt so that you return with happy memories without being too extravagant with your money.

Following are some saving money tips during a vacation in Egypt

Save Money On Visa Charges And Currency Conversion

Save money on the entry visa charges that you have to pay when you visit Egypt. Do not get the visa at your home, as it might be costly. It will cost you less if you get the visa while you are in the Cairo airport. The cost of a visa is fifteen dollars for each traveler. Usually, people get the visa from a bank.

Another option is to take the help of a travel agent for getting the visa. Getting a visa from a travel agent is a better option as they charge only five dollars for the visa service. Best conversion rates for foreign currencies are available in banks in Egypt.

Convert only a few of currency like dollars and euros at the airport. The exchange stores also give a good conversion rate of currency so get the money converted to local Egyptian currency from there.

Save Money On Food

For saving money tips on food, you should avoid buying luxurious food and expensive meals when you are in Egypt. Take the breakfast in the hotel in which you are staying.

Choose traditional foods and fruits as they cost less. Don’t take other meals at the hotel. It is much cheaper to eat local foods instead of having exotic meals. Go to local food joints and restaurants and have meals there. Find places that offer local Egyptian meals at a low cost.

The most popular foods such as falafel, Koushari, and similar foods will cost you less. You can get the food below a dollar if you choose local foods that the people in Egypt eat.

The country has a large number of Koushari restaurants and foul outlets. Take your meals in such places. Also, you can find many falafel outlets where you can enjoy delicious foods.

Save Money On Transportation

Save money on your transportation costs during a trip to Egypt. It is always better to take train and taxi rather than traveling by a private vehicle that can cost you a lot. If you want to travel in comfort, get a ticket for an air-conditioned first class seat on the train.

The sleeping class train ticket costs even less than the first class ticket so it is a good option to save money. The sleeper class journey is also comfortable as you get dinner and breakfast with the ticket. However, if you choose an express seat ticket, the food is not served on the train and you have to carry the food yourself in the journey. Also, you can take a taxi for a local travel within the same city.

You will find many taxis on the streets of Egypt that charge very less money for a ride. Traveling by train and taxi are the frugal saving money tips on transportation costs.

Save Money On Calling Charges

Talking on the phone is necessary when you are visiting another country or place and it can be very expensive for the tourists. You need to talk to several people like your family members, the local authorities, travel agent, and other people.

Using the hotel phone is not recommended, as the call charges are very high. If you use your own mobile with an old sim of your native country, the incoming and outgoing calls will cost more.

It is possible to save money on telecommunication costs during a vacation in Egypt by using a prepaid mobile phone. When you reach the country, buy a local sim card and insert it into your phone.

Activate the sim and use it for making local and international calls back home. It is the best way to reduce calling charges in a foreign country. Talk to your travel agent from your mobile instead of relying on hotel phones or a public phone.

Buy a top up recharge card for your phone and always have enough balance on your phone so that you are not stuck in an emergency when you can’t contact others when needed most.

The local sim card with a top up will make the incoming calls free and you don’t have to pay extra for the calls that you receive on your mobile. You need to reload the top up every month once to continue using the mobile with a local sim.

Save Money On Shopping

When you visit Egypt for a vacation or holiday, you will want to buy several things from the market that you might want to take back home as a souvenir or a memory of your trip.

Always haggle in the market and try to get discount on the things you want to purchase. If you have a good convincing ability, you can get the shopkeepers to give a discount of fifty percent or more and this can help you in saving a huge amount of money on your shopping costs. Begin bargaining with the shopkeeper by offering the lowest price possible.

When the shopkeeper tries to raise this price, you might agree to some amount that is still lower than the original price of the item. Do the bargaining with a friendly attitude and with a smile. If you know the local Arabic language, you can easily convince the shopkeeper to reduce the price by talking in a local language.

If the shopkeeper is rigid and doesn’t agree to reduce the price, go away from the shop. Come back later. You might get a discount the second time when the shopkeeper agrees to the discount. This is one of the best saving money tips on shopping.

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