Top 10 Perfect Places to List Your Restaurant Online

Admin - March,27 2018


In today’s competitive world, if you want to get settled well with a promising occupation then restaurant business is one of the best in our opinion. Latest online researches have proved that nearly 70% of people seeking a restaurant judge it with the kinds of available cuisines in their research on the web.

If you run a food pub or fast food junction then you can easily get connected to common people and customers online. All you need is to list your food café on sites on the web like Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter.

You can also take help from online web directories and many kinds of social media platforms including web based forums. Now let us go across top 10 perfect places to list your restaurant online:-

1. 8Coupons

This app can help well to make your restaurant business grow well on the web. It gathers information about prospective customers from more than 500 online sources. It cares well about food stores, bars, salons and restaurants. Coupons can help your local business to get discovered. It has been seen that most patrons of food restaurants search more than 50 cuisines on the web every month. Thus it is very essential that directories and search engines like Google and Yahoo should know what you want on the web.

2. Yelp

Yelp is being listed among the best go to spots for customers on the web. Here you can get your restaurant business listed so well that much of the audience will be able to come across it. Yelp can help those people well who are fond doing word of mouth promotion and advertising on the internet. Here you will get people who will express opinion about your food services online.

3. YP

YP is the version of digital phone book and has become very popular on the web. Here you can get your restaurant listed in a well organized directory online. YP also provides services like lead generation, advertising and ways to make online payments to have a pleasant experience.

4. Yahoo Local Listing

Yahoo local listing is the best place on the web where you can share online news, reviews, maps and ratings of consumer commodities. Here you can get your food café listed well so that it may be visible to a large number of internet users. Here daily more than 100 million yahoo users seek local restaurants and recipes. You can make use and take benefits of Yahoo directories that store details of hundreds of food restaurants.

5. White Pages

White Pages provide online information about your food junction like an online or digital phone book. This is a fine solution to make the contact information of your restaurant available to more than million customers. White Pages is an incredible way to promote your food services across internet.

6. Zomato

Zomato is an online site where you can get your restaurant business listed online. With its help you will be able to know about customer reviews concerning your café or restaurant. Here you can also upload the photos of your restaurant and cuisines. You can create a Zomato page today and list as well as upload details about your café or food junction.

7. Trip Advisor

While going on travel the availability of good food really matters a lot. For this reason Trip Advisor gives you plenty of information about such hotels where you can enjoy eating lavish cuisines. This site also gives you suggestions like where to go and what to do at places of tourist attractions. All you need is to create your user account at Trip Advisor so that you might get notifications about best catering spots.

8. is one of the top most online sites where you can get your restaurant business listed on the web. Here you add complete information about your food café like menu of recipes, their images and prices. You can also get details of your local food café listed at This site also gives Google address maps with whose help you can reach a chosen restaurant if you are new in the city. This site also gives customer reviews after you have listed your food junction online.

9. Google My Business

Google My Business is a place on the web where you can comfortably advertisement your food restaurant among the online audience. This is a listing site created by Internet giant Google. If you get listed your restaurant on Google then it will be displayed on search engine index when any online visitor wants to know about the best restaurant in a local or far off destination.

10. Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest social media networks. You will be surprised to know that hundreds of digital and consumer products are listed and promoted on Facebook. If you are among them then you can also advertise or promote your restaurant, food junction or café here. All you need is to make a user account, add details about your restaurant like address and phone number. You can also upload photos of your restaurant like dining hall furniture and kitchen.


In today’s cut and throat competition every person wants to leave others behind in the jest of earning cash fortune.

Many people have found restaurant business to be a very profitable venture as daily many customers and food buffs arrive at food junctions to enjoy lavish lunch or dinner. If you are planning to run a restaurant in your own locality then internet can help you upto a great deal.

You will find many websites and online listing directories on the web where you can add details of your restaurant like contact information, phone number, address and photos. Here you can get as many online visitors on daily basis.

These sites also help you to improve the quality of your catering services after you read online reviews by customers after they visit your food café.



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