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You will be amazed to know that on a survey it was found that among all the people who drink a cup of coffee in a day. Among them, sixty-eight percent of the person who drinks coffee have it within the first hour of waking up from their bed.

From here a simple conclusion could be drawn that the industry for coffee is booming regularly. Moreover, if you have to plan in your mind to combine your love for the coffee with the industrial spirit, then stop thinking and open a coffee shop. There are some tips that you need to follow so that you become a prospective owner.

1. Business plan: - The first and the foremost thing that you need to do while opening a coffee shop is create a solid business plan. This plan will lay emphasis on the type of business you actually have, whether it will be profitable or not, know about your competitors, and you should also have the strategy mentioned to solve the problem that comes your way at the time of achieving your goal.

2. Location: - In order to be successful you must have the perfect location for the coffee shop. You would like to prefer a place that is already attracted by the people, over here your choosing your dream spot won’t happen in a day. For finding your dream spot you will have to work day and night. During your initial day, you can also go to the coffee shop for rent.

3. Make a floor plan: - Creating a floor plan is very much important for a coffee shop. Because you will want that you customers have space in a line, and you would also want that the employee gets all the material that they want.

Moreover, the major part of a coffee shop is the seating area which will make your coffee shop unique than the others. You have to plan everything like that of a customer.

Think of the situation what you would want if you had been a client of that coffee shop and then try to make changes in your shop so that the clients comes attracted to your shop. You can also browse online for the coffee shop floor instead of drawing on a piece of paper. There are several websites also that are available on the internet.

4. Hire an Accountant: - The experts have suggested that if you are new to the business of coffee shop then you must turn the book into the form of the accountant. Because you will regularly make an assumption of your business but as an accountant, he will never do so.

5. Funding: - When it comes to funding try to seek help from the locals but yes it is also sure that during your initial days find fund will be a tough job. You can ask your friend and family to invest in your coffee shop try to convince them by showing your strong business plan.

Tell them you will return some extra amount as per the shop's gains. If you don’t get sufficient funding from your family and friends then go for the local loan option.

6. Save money at the expense of your coffee shop: - Apart from the startup cost, you should also know that you have invested all your time and energy in this new business. Moreover, you should know that a starting business won’t be profitable on the initial day that is six months from the date of establishment, though you will find money coming in your business.

Therefore you should always plan ahead about all your expense that you will have in the coming six months.

7. Shop for all equipment's: - The stage when you are in the planning, funding and making the plan about your funding over there make a spreadsheet of all the things that you will need and also compare the price.

And yes make sure that before buying you have at least two price quotes for every item that you are about to purchase. Moreover, to advantage, you have internet with you, thus look for the best price of any equipment that you are about to buy whether it may be any chair or any utensils.

8. Marketing: - Starting marketing of the shop before you have opened it. Because on the day of opening you will want that the customers come in their excited mood to find what you have for them. In short, it is obvious that you starting marketing several months before you are about to open the shop.

Some marketing option that you choose is like dropping off free pouches of coffee to the local business that are present nearby so that your opening day gets promoted. Plus you can also create free advertising in the social media and mark its presence. Before opening also look for the event that is going nearby and tries to give them some free samples.

You can also involve media in it and let them know about your plan if they could help you through the columns of their newspaper.

9. Focus in every aspect: - Don’t just focus on the interior of the building, you should also think about the exterior of the building because that is the thing that gives the first impression of your shop. You will find many of them hanging a painting on the walls to the POS system that you are going to use but at the same time, you must have a check on the exterior walls.

Looking from outside the building will make the people start buzzing that what is present over there inside those walls.

10. Positive attitude: - Similar to every business you will face real-life challenges in setting your business. But when things do not go your way then you must have a positive attitude. If you have to fake it, then even do that. It will teach you to stay upbeat.

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