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Admin - October,23 2018

Are you Somewhere around Egypt and searching for a platform to sell your business? Then you have heard it right! Yes, Esthery Business is there to help you in selling and buying your business. There may be ample reasons to sell your business which may be an emotional journey on the seller’s part. Selling your business may be of two types either you can sell it on your own or use some channel to sell your business. But, sometimes selling your business may require an expert help such as hiring a broker or some online platforms to help you out. The profits may depend on the time of sale, the reason for sale and the foothold of your business. But, to earn profits, you need a right buyer, right?

If you want to buy or sell the franchise of your business, is the ultimate solution for your problems.

If you have a business and you are in a mood to sell it shortly, then you can register yourself in and sell your business without making much efforts and investments. The selling can be done in few easy steps by filling up the contact details, business details and your bid for selling your business. Adding images and videos of your business can also prove to be beneficial for your business to be viewed by your audience.

After the submission of the details, all these details will be made available on the website, and anybody who finds interest in your business can contact you with the help of the information provided by you.

Selling made easy through

Selling is not a big task but finding the right customer to sell your business is surely a big deal to crack. These business directories provide a platform where you can meet different people from various parts of the world. This is an inexpensive approach to selling your business and also facilitates in taking the right decisions for selling and purchases. Finding the right prospect is not that easy, and this determines your success and profits. I would suggest such sellers take assistance from such business directories to get the fruits from your owned business.

Pros of Selling Through Online Platform

  1. when you have listed your business in a business directory you may get more enquiries in comparison if you sell it on your own
  2. It is a speedy method
  3. Reduced chances of coming across a fake or fraud buyers.
  4. Secure method of contract negotiation
  5. Online directories gain their incentives when there is selling and buying, so they will also be focussed on making your business visible in front of buyers
  6. Support and assistance is provided by business directories that may help you to reach out the right prospect

After finding your customers, some key points to remember are as follows:

Key points not to forget before selling your business

  • developing three to four potential buyers
  • staying in touch with the potential buyers
  • finding out if the purchaser is qualified for a finance
  • if you are financing your business yourself, then it is better o hire a lawyer who can assist you to deal with the legal proceedings
  • Putting all the details in the agreement and getting it signed by both the parties.

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