Top Business Ideas in Egypt

Admin - May,30 2017

The economy of Egypt depends on tourism, natural gas, petroleum imports, media, and agriculture. If you are planning to start your business in Egypt, then it will be the perfect workplace. If you are thinking what should be the business niches, then you have come to the right page as we are going to explore some" class="redactor-linkify-object"> business ideas in Egypt.

1. Travels and Tours

When it comes to the tourism industry, it plays a major role in the GDP of Egypt. Thus if you are planning to begin any business in Egypt, you must think about your own Tours and Travels Company. You may need a license from the Govt. of Egypt to operate your own company. In this industry, you should seek for the business relationship with other tour companies in many countries.

2. Business Consultancy

This business idea is simple and you don’t need much money to start. However, the success of this business consultancy Idea relies on:

· Your business network in this country and your method of using your idea

· The level of your experience and globally credibility

Internet Café

Internet Cyber Café is being patronized in this country. If you are planning to start a business in Egypt, then you can easily begin a cyber café. For starting it, you will need internet router, 6-7 computers/laptops, Air conditioner, chairs, tables as well as a good facility to run this business.

4. Video Game Centre

The other idea to start the business in this country is Video Game center. It is a highly profitable business here because 30 % of the population of Egypt is between the 20 – 25 years age are known as high tech generation. Thus if you want to start Video game center, then you must ensure that you add rentals of Video games cartridges as well.

· Car Rental Services

This kind of service is a very great business in several cities in Egypt, especially in Alexandra and Cairo. So, you are able to begin this business with 4 or 5 reliable and flexible cars and there are the possibilities of developing the business to a good level where you will have offices in major cities. Renting the car for people is like a culture here. So, you can rock your business.

· Grain Farming

However, Egypt has limited suitable land for growing crops because of the desert, yet it is still good for the grains cultivation. Grains are widely consumed in all houses. In case you want to invest in the Agric sector in this country, you must consider starting your business with grain farming. You may not export the grains outside the Egypt, however, you will be selling to locals and earn money.

Undoubtedly, if you select any business from the above-mentioned list opportunities in Egypt, then you may definitely obtain good ROI (returns on investment) especially if you work smart and hard. So, if you are actually interested in starting business here and want to grow, then you can choose any of them business ideas.

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