Top Ten Business- Friendly Countries

- April,12 2017

In the present scenario, most of the people who wish to indulge in business with their hard earned money with dedication and commitment do ask a question regarding top ten business friendly countries. It is to be remembered that reports in the print and electronic media always suggest that global giants such as China, Brazil and India are fastest growing economies. However, as per recent World Bank ranking, well-organized economies of small nations like Singapore, Switzerland and Hong Kong has topped the list of 187 countries in the annual report list of "Ease of Doing Business" in a successful manner.  

It is to be noted that the world's second-largest economy is China that actually came at the ranking of 90th.  This particular nation was ranked two years ago at 93rd out of 189 countries. The 12th annual report is well designed in order to measure ease of business through using indicators of quantitative nature on business rules and regulations that can be properly compared across 189 nations with a lot of perfection. 

The nations that were placed in the top 20 because they improved their standings are Estonia, Germany, and Switzerland. On other hand, the rest of the countries have only been reordered slightly. According to the report, the worst nations to conduct business with are Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela, and Central African Republic.

Here Is The Top Ten Business-Friendly Countries

1. Singapore: According to EIU, this southeast Asian country successfully held on to the top ranking in the world as the best place to do business in, until 2018,  it is perfectly set to remain largely as the world’s most investor-friendly location.

2. Switzerland: Among the EU countries, in this list Switzerland comes second with strong investment climates and rest of the EU nation relatively dominating the rankings just between 10th and 30th place. This reflects actually the openness of their large markets to world trade.

3. China: China with its favorable policies in foreign investment and finance assisted Asian nations to retain top ranks. 

4. Canada: Canada comes with the world’s fourth best investment location. This nation has improved its ranking in the slot of 2009-13 and 2014-18 in a successful manner.

5. Australia: Australia has a favorable policy environment for finance and foreign investment particularly. 

6. Sweden: Sweden comes with strong investment climate plus political stability that has improved in the last couple of years.  

7. USA: It is termed as the world’s largest economy.  This nation is actually recovering faster than most other developed nations. 

8. New Zealand: New Zealand’s economic growth rightly continues to be very strong with enormous terms of trade gains, as per the OECD data.

9. Finland. Finland has shown sign of strong growth, structural and innovation reforms that has transformed this particular nation into one of the world’s most healthy and competitive economies. 

10. Denmark: Denmark has best policies related to foreign investment and finance.

It is to be noted that indulging in business should be done with proper research and extra care because policies and politics of certain nations aren’t stable. As per the report, those perfect indicators consist of kick starting a business, properly dealing with permits related to construction, getting immediately electricity, deals related to registering property, getting needed and required credit  without any  hurdles, protecting in the best manner minority investors, trading across borders, paying taxes, resolving insolvency and enforcing contracts.




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